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SDP - Tucson, AZ said:

Having an energy session with Robie-Jean, reminds me of the song, you are the 'Wind Beneath My Wings',  I find it gives a feeling of support and a sense of lift toward the fruition of my desires. 

Jozelle B. - Tucson, AZ said:

I have been in recovery from several issues (broken hip, cancer treatments, fracture of the spine).

Robie-Jean always knew where the pain was and worked to alleviate it. She has a very calm manner to ease and relax me. She raises spirits to have hope after such painful illnesses. She is dedicated to her work and is a knowledgeable and a very competent therapist. I am honored to work with her. Any one would benefit from her practice.

Alison - Tucson AZ said:

Robie-Jean is a gifted, caring, compassionate healer and has made a huge positive difference in my emotional and physical health. She truly brings something incredibly special to each session and I feel so uplifted and empowered afterwards. From the very first session I had , I knew she  was the healer for me. I highly recommend Robie-Jean and her amazing variety of healing modalities!!

Robert L.B. - Tucson, AZ said: My hands and wrists were swelling like a rubber glove balloon. The doctor gave me a couple of different meds but none of them worked. I couldn't even close my hands into a fist. I couldn't lift a filled coffee cup. I heard about Robie-Jean through a friend and said "yea-right, Reiki. What is that?" Answer; energy transmission. "No way. I'll try." The first time I went I didn't relax that much but it felt good even warm. ​Robie-Jean doesn't touch you at all.. You don't even get undressed. She directs a warm energy flow over and through your body. I don't understand how, but it is nice. The second time, I got the hang of it and went to sleep. It was very subtle how my hands started to get normal. It was the vibration and energy that dissipated the swelling. They just needed some kind of adjustment which Robie-Jean could give. ​Then she introduced me to the Healey. It does what Robie-Jean does only it is a device that transmits the vibration/energy through electrodes on your wrists. Far Out? You bet. It works on various things that happen to you like my circulation or balance or to relax. Joints, mental, allergy, well being are just a few of the choices that this device addresses. Believe it or not I've even lost 10 pounds. Crazy! Yes, and I'm doing just fine.

Lucy A. - Tucson, AZ said:

I have been blessed to have Robie-Jean do energy work with me. She has been a blessing and a true healing for me.  The energy, the light that comes through her is amazing.  I have been working with her for 9 months or so and it keeps expanding. I highly recommend her...... She truly is a channel of Light that comes full heartily through her.

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