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Pet Memorials

Pet Blessings                  $25 - $50

We understand the important role that our pets play in our lives, which is why we offer pet blessings. We provide both virtual and in-person blessings. Our custom blessings give your pet that special touch with personal requests from you for the love and care they deserve, while our group blessings allow you to share this special moment with others in your community.

Pet Memorial Services     $100-$350

Our Pet Memorial Services offer a unique way to celebrate the life of your beloved pet. Whether you choose a virtual or in-person service, we work with you to create a meaningful tribute. We customize the eulogy, include a picture of your pet on the memorial page as well as a personal comment, and you can also opt to have a video of the service made (available for an additional charge). Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience to honor your beloved companion.

Pets & Animals Energy Healer
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